To ensure stable crew pool, in 2012, ISM set up Bluesea Commercial Consultation Co., Ltd. in Longkou, China; For better crew resources, Qingdao Nanyang Maritime Service Co., Ltd. was built up in Qingdao, China in 2016. They are responsible for recruiting and dispatching well trained seafarers from mainland China to the ships under ISM management. Consider good cooperation, these two companies merged together in 2018, and change their name to Shin Marine China Pte Ltd (SMC). With the resources integration and unified management, SMC strives to achieve our goal of higher efficient and quality service.

At same time, the manning mode also includes a variety of options such as a full set and a mixed crew manning. The different ship types and routes provide a variety of options for crews with different needs. Meanwhile, the internationalized management level of ISM bring crew new concept with higher standards, which greatly improved the competitiveness of Chinese crew members in the international market.

Adhere ISM management concept of ‘There can be no confidence without integrity’, we are fully comply with MLC requirement, provide seafarers with safe and stable working environment, wages payment in time guarantee, insurance, and retirement pay plan. Based on our honesty, quality and service-oriented principles, always provide best manning services to all clients.

ISM VIETNAM was set up in Haiphong, Vietnam in 2018. For enhancement and improvement of seafarers’ professional knowledge and skills to meet the demand of manning as well as requirements of Convention STCW 95/2010, ISM VIETNAM has established cooperation with VIMARU Crew Training Center, Vietnam Maritime College No.1 and Haiphong Polytechnic College in development and training of seafarers.

We are offering complete crew management as well as partly crew recruitment services to various types of vessels: general cargo ships, bulk carriers, tankers and container vessels. We also conduct enhanced training for seafarers as with various training courses as by mean of CBT training equipment.

At present, our seafarers are sailing on about 40 foreign vessels and domestic vessels. Many of them have experience onboard vessels managed by major ship management companies, included but not limited, WALLEM, THOME, ISM, WISDOM LINES, MISUGA KAUN, and many other Ship owners and Ship Management Companies. They have well trained and experienced on our own fleet and many other shipping companies.

YRSMC is a manning agency with a primary goal of recruiting and providing highly qualified, disciplined, and healthy Filipino seafarers to her principal(s).

YRSMC has successful sourced suitable and qualified seafarers for many vessels since her founded in 2014.

She will continuously recruit and select a pool of qualified and competent Filipino seafarers for our clients in the succeeding years to come.