Garbage Collection Services For Ships In Singapore

1. Port Marine Circular No. 6 of 2009 dated 21 Apr 2009 is hereby cancelled. This circular provides an update on the latest information pertaining to garbage collection services provided by the Port of Singapore.
2. The services
1 for the collection of garbage2 from ships in Port of Singapore are as follows:
A. Ship at the Anchorages
i) The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) provides daily garbage collection service from ships at the designated anchorages listed in Annex A from 0730hrs to 1730hrs.

ii) Ships that wish to use the garbage collection service provided by MPA should have the refuse properly bagged in plastic garbage bags and have their crew on standby and ready to transfer the bagged garbage into the garbage collection craft that would be calling at the anchored vessels.
a) Disposal of garbage bags must be done in a proper and safe manner. The crew undertaking the duty to dispose the garbage bags should ensure that the bags are dropped into the garbage bins located on the garbage craft.

b) Ships that would like to dispose items that are not accepted via MPA’s garbage collection service are to make their own commercial arrangement with vendors that are licensed by the Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA).
The list of licensed waste collectors by NEA can be found at

iii) In the event that a ship does not respond when the garbage collection craft calls, the latter will make another attempt after serving other ships. Alternatively, the ship can request for the garbage collection service by calling the garbage craft directly using call sign “Garbage Craft Changi”, “Garbage Craft Eastern”, “Garbage Craft Western” or “Garbage Craft Tuas” on VHF Channel 13 and provide the ship’s name, the name of the anchorage (e.g. Western Anchorage) and the ship’s GPS position. The appropriate call-signs are given in Annex A and must be strictly adhered to.

iv) Garbage Collection Special Service Ships with large quantities of garbage (in excess of the normal garbage generated daily, wooden pallets) may wish to use the GACSS for garbage disposal for which a fee would be charged as given in Annex B. The GACSS is available daily from 0730hrs to 1730hrs and shipmasters, owners or agents requiring this service may request for the service and select a specific time slot through the Marinet ( Ships which intend to dispose their garbage before 1200hrs have to submit their request online before 1600hrs prior to the requested day. For requests submitted online after 1600hrs, the collection service will only be performed on the next day after 1200hrs.

NOTE: Shipping agents or ship masters are advised to subscribe for a Marinet account to use the GACSS. Please refer to the webpage for application of Marinet account procedures.

v) Garbage E-Receipt
Shipping agents or ship masters can retrieve and download information from the Marinet at their own convenience, on the next working day from 10am onwards after the vessel has been served. The downloadable information includes the name of the vessel served, the date and the time of the garbage service provided as well as the number of bags of garbage collected. A copy of a garbage ereceipt is given in
Annex C.
Ship agents and ship masters are advised to subscribe for a Marinet account to enjoy the benefits of the “E-Receipt System”. Please refer to the webpage for application of Marinet account procedures.

B. Ships at Terminals
i) The garbage collection services at PSA Container Terminals and Jurong Port are provided by the terminals’ contractors. More information regarding the service is given in
Annex D.

ii) For practical and safety reasons, oil and chemical terminals do not provide garbage collection services at their facilities. In such circumstances, the ship may wish to arrange for a special garbage collection service at the anchorage.

3. If you have any queries, please contact our Staff on DID: 6325 2314, mobile: 96731462, fax: 62211742 or at


Annex A

Name of Anchorages Collection Timing
Call Sign to Use
Small Craft B Anchorage (ASCB) 0900 hrs to 1200 hr Garbage Craft Changi
Small Craft A Anchorage (ASCA)
Eastern Petroleum B Anchorage (AEPB)
Eastern Special Purposes A Anchorage
Eastern Bunkering C Anchorage (AEBC)
Changi Barge Temporary Holding
Anchorage (ACBTH)
1300 hrs to 1730 hrs
Changi General Purposes Anchorages
Man-of-War (AMOW)
Eastern Bunkering A Anchorage (AEBA)
Eastern Bunkering B Anchorage (AEBB)
Eastern Petroleum C Anchorage (AEPC)
Eastern Anchorage (AEW) 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs Garbage Craft Eastern
Eastern Holding C Anchorage (AEHC)
Eastern Holding A Anchorage (AEHA) 1300 hrs to 1730 hrs
Eastern Petroleum A Anchorage (AEPA)
Eastern Holding B Anchorage (AEHB)
Western Quarantine & Immigration
Anchorage (AWQI)
**Subject to CIQ
Garbage Craft Western
Western Anchorage (AWW) 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs
Western Petroleum A Anchorage (AWPA)
Western Holding Anchorage (AWH)
Western Petroleum B Anchorage (AWPB)
Raffles Reserved Anchorage (ARAFR) 1330 hrs to 1730 hrs
Raffles Petroleum Anchorage (ARP)
Selat Pauh Anchorage (ASPLU)
Selat Pauh Petroleum Anchorage (ASPP)
Sudong Petroleum Holding Anchorage
0830 hrs to 1130 hrs Garbage Craft Tuas
Sudong Bunkering Anchorage B (ASUBB)
Sudong Explosives Anchorage (ASUEX)
Sudong Special Purpose Anchorage
Sudong Bunkering Anchorage A (ASUBA)
Sudong Holding Anchorage (ASH)
Very Large Crude Carrier Anchorage
1300 hrs to 1730 hrs
LNG/LPG/Chemical Gas Carrier Anchorage

Annex B

1 Disposal of garbage thereof per trip (i) $900 per bin3 or
2 Miscellaneous fees:
(a) Cancellation and amendments fees:
If the request for garbage disposal services is subsequently
cancelled or amended, the following fees for each cancellation or
amendment of the request shall also be payable:
(i) If the request is cancelled or amended not less than 2 hours
before the services is required.
(ii) If the request is cancelled or amended less than 2 hours
before the services is required.
(b) Detention charges:
If any barge provided for the garbage disposal services is kept
waiting alongside the ship or is kept waiting for the arrival of the
ship before it can commenced disposal operations, for every
hour or part thereof that the barge is so kept waiting.
3 For the purpose of 2 (a), amendments of orders include
changes in the time or location of the services requested.

Annex C

1 Name of Ship
2 Gross Tonnage
3 Flag
4 Type of Ship
5 Date of Disposal
6 Time of Disposal
7 Quantity
8 Name/No. of the Garbage Craft
9 Remarks

Ancillary Inspection and Services Unit
Port Services Division
Note: This is a computer-generated receipt. No signature is required.

Annex D

i) The service is provided by PSA’s contractor, Gallant Sanitary Works Pte Ltd and is available daily from 0700hrs to 1800hrs. The conditions of service are as follows:
– Strictly for domestic waste in trash bags.
– Total refuse should not exceed 1000kg (1 tonne)
– Ship crew will bring down the trash bags for collection at the wharf apron (the collection truck can only be parked near the stern or bow so as not to obstruct the ship operations).
– Book the service at least 2 hours in advance (with confirmation of date/collection time).
– The fee is S$374.50 (inclusive of GST) per collection/trip. The contractor, Gallant Sanitary Works Pte Ltd will directly invoice the Shipping Line/Agent.
ii) For booking and enquiry of service, please call:

Name Contact No.
Mr Sam Lum 9636 0418 (handphone)
Mdm Freda Lum 9641 1733 (handphone)
Mr J T Chong 9731 2328 (handphone)

Note: All calls must be further confirmed by an email to:

i) Ships berthed at Jurong Port that require garbage collection services have to engage their own private garbage collector.
ii) Shipping agents are to keep Jurong port informed via email ( for such arrangements.